Is KCR AP’s Opposition Leader?

Posted : October 25, 2014 at 3:59 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Is KCR Telangana CM or Andhra Pradesh’s opposition leader? Well, after listening to his rather amusing speech at his cabinet meeting, one is bound to assume so. KCR made some strong comments regarding the power crisis and he used the information provided by Babu in the past. So far so good. But later, he got into mud-slinging act against the Andhra Chief Minister.

Being the CM of a state, it is not appropriate for KCR to stoop down to the level of making personal comments on fellow CM. He must maintain the decorum of his position. Also, what has KCR got to do with the loan waivers issue and DWACRA issues in Andhra Pradesh? Babu has not once commented about loan waivers in Telangana. Similarly, calling Babu ‘donga choopula Babu’ is not right. If he so wants to do it, then he can get his followers to get into the act. But KCR saying such things is pushing the bar way too low.

The CM’s post has a certain amount of dignity and one must abide by it if they are voted to power. Once a politician becomes a CM, he must set aside his past behavior and habits and do what is required of a CM. Telangana TDP members are making many accusations against KCR and his cabinet ministers. Similarly, TRS leaders are making counter allegations. That is their duty. But as a CM, KCR must refrain from stooping down to such levels.