Is Kalyan Repeating Same Mistake?

Posted : May 18, 2014 at 2:44 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Immense talent is not enough these days to score big hits in Film Industry. Talent has to be mixed with smartness, and that is what Kalyan Ram is missing in his work all these days. But still, it seems he has not learned anything from his past mistakes.

Kalyan Ram has this never-give-up kind of attitude. Despite delivering continuous flops, he wants to prove to Tollywood that he is here to stand for a long time. Even after delivering a bunch of dud flicks, Kalyan Ram now started two projects at a time, Anil’s ‘Pataas’ and Mallikarjuna’s ‘Sher’. Just from the titles of these two movies, we could understand that they are hero centric mass-action flicks. But the question comes here. Is Kalyan Ram having such a huge larger-than-life image in masses to carry such titles?

These are the days where family-centric flicks and stories are clicking huge at box office and exaggerated mass titles are suiting only star heroes. With Kalyan Ram understanding none of these two, and going ahead like a star mass-hero, cine observers feel that he is yet to learn from his mistakes. What say folks?