JP’s Power Punch: Rama Koti can’t help Poor

Posted : April 3, 2014 at 2:11 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Election campaigns in Andhra Pradesh are at their powerful peaks with leaders trying to suppress the oppression with pungent speeches. Here comes Loksatta Jaya Prakash Narayan taking a dig at leaders who are promising signatures on files if they are elected as CM. Making his point straight, JP responded in a strong tone.

‘There are no tips to eliminate poverty. Every fool is seeking power by promising that they will sign so many files after ascending the throne. If signatures do wonders, I’ll sign one lakh signature and we will write a Rama Koti of signatures’, said JP, in a sarcastic tone. Of course we have seen president of a political party in Seemandhra promising people that he will sign particular files on day one in the first hour after becoming Chief Minister of the state. ‘You’re fools trying to deceive people with your foolish promises’, JP said in firm.

‘If you give education, poverty will be curbed. If you provide continuous electricity, industries will flourish, poverty will be wiped. But even if you spend all the 1 lakh crores you have looted, poverty will not go away’, asserts Loksatta JP. ‘If some politician tries to deceive you with these foolish signature dramas, kick them out of our place immediately’.