Journalists Banned Ram Gopal Varma!!!

Posted : June 25, 2014 at 6:17 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Yesterday, director Ram Gopal Varma has conducted a special workshop on using ‘FlowCam’, a new camera he has used to shoot his ‘Ice Cream’ movie. But have you read that news in any newspaper? Have you watched it on TV? You don’t, because no media house has aired or published it because the respective journos working in them have banned RGV.

Fact is that Ram Gopal Varma’s shaky answers at a previous interaction with media folks have miffed many journalists. When quizzed if this film is ‘Ice Cream or Eye Scream’, Ramu took a jibe at one journalist saying that he always thought media as dumb folks but they are now sounding like illiterates. Later, another journo asked whether Ramu will instigate fear with movie’s content or will he get feared himself with result. Answering that, Ramu said, ‘I’m not fool to get feared and you are not fools either to fear’. These kind of arrogant (as felt my some popular journalists) answers have upset the whole of media battalion and they have decided not to cover his news items until he tenders an apology.

We hear from Ram Gopal Varma’s side that as long as media asks questions laced with a satire on the director, often making fun of him, he is going to crack his whip on journos in the same way. Maybe he is not making good films these days, but that doesn’t me he is not a good director and media folks should not throw their ‘arrogance’ on his products, a source close to him chided.