Jagan’s BJP entry soon!

Posted : October 31, 2014 at 3:20 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


In these days of a possible merger expecting from Jagan about YSRCP, has now got something interesting to do. The merger is not between Congress and YSRCP but BJP and YSRCP! Shocked! But here a re a few supporting reasons to the content! Let’s analyse.  Political analysts share the their views about Jagan merging the party into another big stream party. One of them said that there is a possibility of Jagan going with BJP rather than Congress.

Because already Congress has been faded away from the state and country as well and the right choice is BJP. However, we see that many leaders of Jagan’s party and so thought that it would be respectful if her alone merges with BJP. But, there are certain contrast issues with YSRCP and BJP. As we know that YSRCP being a secular and BJP being a baby of RSS seems more towards Hinduism. However, Modi told that there is no difference in religion anymore.

However, BJP may distance this thought because Jagan being a corrupt leader and them  telling a slogan of anti-corruption may not stick together says the analysts. So, what do you think? If BJP pushes TDP out and YSRCP then will BJP even come to power in AP? Or will it say NO to Jagan?