Jagan Pro-media turn-coat!

Posted : May 17, 2014 at 10:16 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

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Both Telugu Print media and electronic media is vertically politically divided between Congress and TDP since Sakshi inception. This division is further increased after the formation of YSRCP. Jagan pro-media start attacked TDP and CBN and vice-versa. Even journalists also follow the same path. This war goes wildly after Jagan send to the prison on DA case in 2012. Both TDP and YSRCP were targeting 2014 general elections with their media.

TDP leaders feel inconvenience to support TDP stand on various issues in Television debates. TDP had lost almost all bye-elections after 2009 general elections and leaders from either side feel inconvenienced at various channels. TRS and YSRCP leaders have attacked TDP leaders. Pro-Jagan media exploited CBN two-eyed theory on Telangana and political issues.

Today after the victory of TDP in SA, some of the YSRCP leaders have participated in the morning in various channels. Some of the people make a call in the live discussions and lashed out TV management for criticizing TDP since last few years. Popular TV Channel anchor getting irritated today on public phone call and trying to cover his attitude in various ways. Immediately after the completion of the programme the same TV telecasted one programme and appreciated CBN for the victory. Today late in the evening, they telecast another programme against to YSRCP and exploit the reasons for its failure in SA.