When Jagan Is Nailed, Why Is Lokesh Being Spared?

Posted : October 8, 2014 at 8:20 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


In politics, certain events trigger a string of events that help a person grow to new heights. Right now, TDP head honcho’s son Chandra Babu Naidu’s son Lokesh is playing a pivotal role in the party by becoming the ‘go to’ person between Babu and other party members. Though media is full of reports that Lokesh is getting involved in each and every issue of the ruling TDP party, both the opposition parties in AP, Congress and YSRCP, are maintaining stoic silence.

On the other hand, the TDP members are going about their life as if Lokesh’s presence does not bother them. While YSRCP dreads that taking up the issue might result in comments about Jagan’s interference during YSR’s regime, Congress dreads that TDP might harp on Rahul Gandhi’s role in AICC. So, no one has dared to point out that TDP has been a family party and continues to remain so.

The very people who questioned Jagan’s role and targeted his involvement in usurping public and private funds are keeping mum about Lokesh’s role in the Telugu Desam Party. In the past, there were accusations that people who supported YSR benefited Jagan. Now, TDP supporters are donating lakhs and crores of rupees to TDP fund. What is the guarantee that they are not given government contracts or plum posts for the services rendered to the party? If that happens, then wouldn’t Lokesh be in the same boat as Jagan?

Though the ministers and MLAs have been claiming that Lokesh does not tamper with their daily jobs, what about the PROs and PAs who work with them? If you pull out the connection they have with TDP, it becomes pretty clear that Lokesh is running the party with an iron hand. Right now, both Congress and YSRCP are silent as they don’t want the situation to boomerang. But wouldn’t it be criminal in a democracy if they remained silent for five years? If that happens, then Lokesh will ensure he has his way. So, if Congress and YSRCP do not take up the issue, then they will be held responsible for any eventualities.