‘Interstellar’ Is Way Above Kona Venkat’s Head

Posted : November 8, 2014 at 10:08 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Most acclaimed Hollywood director Christopher Nolan, the filmmaker who carved flicks like Dark Knight trilogy and Inception, has now came up with ‘Interstellar’, yet another science-fiction movie. Fans across the world including some big celebs of Tollywood have waited eagerly for the release and many got disappointed post the release.

Interstellar deals with the concept of exploring the possibility of life beyond our galaxy. While the movie has intelligent stuff that deals with particle-physics, black hole theory and others, it is giving tough time to viewers for 3 hours. As the concept itself is tough to understand, audience felt tough to watch it for a long time. Unlike Nolan’s previous movies like Inception where everything could be understood easily despite the fact that it deals with super-science, Interstellar is little messy and confusing.

Sharing his thoughts on the flick, popular writer Kona Venkat quipped, “Interstellar challenged my intelligence and sensibility. I salute those intellectuals who understood the concept, but for me getting a doctorate would be easier”. Kona is a self-claimed diehard fan of Christopher Nolan, but he feels that Interstellar is way above his head.