India Today: Electrician & Engineer Earn Same

Posted : September 8, 2014 at 3:59 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


While we talk about India as an emerging superpower and the future of this world, there are certain ground realities that one cannot ignore. Here is the report from a recent market study done by a famous company called Team Lease.

They have come up with some startling statistics that might embarrass you. Well, the study says that in India an electrician is earning on par with an engineer. The fact that many youngsters have the fascination for IT is creating a dearth for frontline jobs such as electricians, welders, fitters, plumbers and their demand is growing high in terms of payments and remunerations.

The study also reveals that the entry level salary of an IT professional remains same from the past six years whereas a significant growth has been seen for the odd job workers. Today the need for skilled workers has risen phenomenally but the market for IT remains the same with an overflow of youngsters seeking career. Well, very soon an electrician or a plumber is going to beat an IT professional looking at the way things are progressing.