IAS Officer’s Telangana Worship

Posted : September 18, 2014 at 9:17 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


One of the key reasons why Telangana state was achieved was due to the pure fanaticism and extreme sentiment. Many have shown their loyalties during this agitation and that includes even a bureaucrat. He is none other than Ramanachari and some are still speaking about his Telangana worship.

Apparently, Ramanachari and the Telangana CM KCR are good friends. They went to jail in 1969 during Telangana agitation and the IAS officer has a lot of affinity towards Telangana. After the state was formed, Ramanachari faced a small criticism that he is not going to invitations from Andhra background people and attending only Telangana related events.

In a way it is showing his loyalty towards his land but then some are suggesting that since both sides are Telugu it would be nice if he doesn’t show this bias. Anyhow the state has separated and the objective is achieved. Moreover, this is a cultural thing.

As such, Ramanachari is a very good orator and when he speaks in public events there is pin drop silence. He speaks meticulously and has very good command over Telugu. He has also acted in the film ‘Devasthanam’. Many thought he would get cabinet post after bifurcation but KCR made him as an advisor. Down the line he would get that rank or a possible MP seat in Rajya Sabha.