Hudhud & JK floods happened because of Naidu & Modi

Posted : October 27, 2014 at 3:46 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Is taking oath of office after sunset bad for the subjects? “yes” says Sarada Peetham seer Swaroopanandendra Saraswati of Visakhapatnam. The seer says the state of Andhra Pradesh was going through lot of problems only because Chandrababu Naidu has taken oath after sunset.Swarupanandendra also made sensational comments on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and attributed the Jammu Kashmir disaster to wrong time swearing-in ceremony of Modi.

He blamed the timing for the various disasters and calamities that are affecting the people of ever since Babu and Modi occupied big chairs. It was not right to hold the swearing in ceremony after the sunset, he reveals. “Five persons died during the day of oath taking of Chandrababu as the chief minister. Several other persons are dying every day since then.Both leaders took oath in Bad Muhurtham and that is causing the issues.” commented Swaroopanandendra.

He prophesied that this natural imbalance would be continuing up to 3 more years.He made his comments on the occasion of his birthday. Unfortunately, it is not right to spread such superstitions among people. Sadly, it is often the educated and the powerful people who strongly believe in such superstitions and contribute to such beliefs trickling down to the masses.Hope people won’t believe these type of comments.