Hrithik Did For Ex-Wife! Will Pawan Do?

Posted : July 31, 2014 at 10:51 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Rumours have hit headlines the other day that hunk hero Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Suzanne has demanded an whopping 400 crores alimony as part of their divorce settlement. With Hrithik’s and Suzanne’s families still very close to each other, one wonders how come this ‘costly’ rumour was born.

Taking this rumour about Hrithik-Suzanne as a cue, a leading Telugu media published a story about the costly divorce settlements of tinselville. After talking about Prabhudeva’s divorce settlement with ex-wife Ramlath, they shifted focus on Prakash Raj and his first wife. But it seems like they felt their story would be incomplete if they didnt include Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai’s divorce stuff. It is mentioned that Renu took an whopping 20 crores as alimony besides a duplex house in Pune from Pawan. Is this true? However, the whole story that stressed if spouse is uber rich there is no wrong in demanding huge money, received a flak.

Hrithik Roshan directly stated that there is no such demand from Suzanne and he warned that media is testing his patience by writing silly stuff and false articles. Also he stated that his loved ones (read ex-wife) will feel pain because of such rumours. Will Pawan Kalyan too come open and condemn these reports about his divorce? Will he?