Hot Beauty Prefers a Name Change

Posted : June 3, 2014 at 8:08 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Actress Laxmi Rai has opted for a name change! She now adds an extra ‘a’ to her name for making it ‘Raai Laxmi’. “Finally my official name is announced and known to everyone. Just a minor change but that’s what my name is RAAI. Glad you all like it,” she declares.

When asked to explain the reason for sudden change, Laxmi Rai revealed she was supposed to do this almost a year ago but couldn’t do so because of prior commitments. She claims no one calls her by the name ‘Laxmi’ (her parents named her after the Goddess) but either Rai or Laxmi Rai.

It was actually Laxmi Rai’s Father who insisted this name change as it goes with her personality. From now, All the films starring this beauty will have ‘Raai Laxmi’ in the credits.

On career front, Laxmi Rai is unable to grab any big ticket films these days. Her last film in Telugu is ‘Balupu’ in which she played herself and shaked her leg for a special number.