Hot babe ready to take a lie detector test

Posted : May 27, 2014 at 11:55 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Swathi Reddy is miffed with the rumors about her marriage spreading like wild fire. Swathi was on a holiday for one month and was away from internet all these days. She has no idea about her marriage news making so much buzz on the world wide web. These rumors were so convincing that even Swathi’s close aides thought that the actress is getting hitched.

Swathi came back from the holiday to see the news about her marriage and realized how far they have gone. ‘How many times will you get me engaged? What would a businessman do on the film sets? Where is the chance for me to meet so and so businessman during the shoot? Won’t you apply logic before writing all this nonsense?’ Swathi was clearly amused with the wedding rumors.

‘I am happy to be single for the moment. I am not dating anyone. I am ready to take a lie-detector test to prove this. I have two Malayalam films on hand and am concentrating on doing justice to the characters offered to me,’ said Swathi who is hoping to repeat Swamy Ra Ra’s feat with her upcoming Telugu release Karthikeya, which also features Nikhil in it.