Hot Anchor Targeted for ‘Rape’ with this PIC

Posted : July 28, 2014 at 6:02 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies


This sounds weird, but dumb mindsets out there on social networking are doing it now. They have targeted hot anchor Rashmi Gautam who has shot to popularity after replacing Anasuya for super hit comedy show ‘Jabardasth’. Accusing that her dressing and fashion are causes for ‘rapes’, some made the worst comments ever.

Close to 1000 comments are made on the picture above with many male chauvinists raising a point that her tight black shorts revealing her tender thighs are responsible for rapes in India. Some went on putting up worst comments that her provocative clothing will encourage men to commit unusual things and they termed this as against Indian culture. It is Rashmi’s stunning and brave reply that shocked them finally, as no celebrity never picks up arguments with these trolls.

“Rape is in the mind, not in the clothes,” replied Rashmi, after which many people took sides and started blasting each other. Anyway, fashion is all about a woman’s right to wear and that got nothing to do with rape. What kind of provocative clothing those girls in UP’s tribal areas and kids in Karnataka’s rural are wearing?