More Holidays For Telangana Police?

Posted : October 23, 2014 at 2:09 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Perhaps the closest encounters for many of us with the police department are through cinema and media channels. That has formed a strong impression on our minds as to how the cops are. Most of the times we feel they are corrupt and mean but a closer look to reality is sure to change that perception.

Cops are the most hardworking and dealing with the most evil minded elements in society. True to their pressure and environment, they need a break. But unfortunately, weekly offs have not been part of their daily life. However, things are likely to change for the Telangana police department. It is heard that many are asking for weekly one day holiday for cops but no government is taking initiative. But the Telangana CM KCR is having that bent of mind.

He has already taken few positive steps by changing their vehicles, working on their uniforms etc. In the next level, he is planning to give them weekly off and roasters would be prepared on shift basis. If that gets implemented successfully, KCR will be a role model for rest of India.