He hit ‘Headlines’ Across The Globe

Posted : May 17, 2014 at 2:45 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
The world never spoke so big about Indian politics until this holy-nation became a huge global market for companies that manufacture products to corporations that sell software. That made everyone focus on the World’s biggest democratic elections that took place in India this month.

Few Modi’s critics had felt that he would not make this big until yesterday’s results. Many had not predicted that Modi would actually decimate, rout incumbent Congress. But Contrary to it, Modi has proved all of them wrong with a stupendous victory. With in a couple of hours, the so-called controversial Narendra Modi became ‘headlines’ across the world.

From American newspapers to British TV channels, Russian media to Italian radios, everywhere they spoke about just Modi. All those popular world-class news papers carried Modi’s win on the front page across the globe. Maybe for the first time India might have felt like a super power for the craze one of their son is having all over the world. The word ‘headlines’ has got respect with Modi being in the headings everywhere. There are people like Rahul Gandhi and Omar Abdullah who claimed that Modi is just hype, a creation of media and a master of deceit. Well, it’s time to open eyes and check out what is hype and what is belief.