Hindi ‘Maaya’ will be Hotter than Telugu?

Posted : October 6, 2014 at 10:51 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


If you are a filmmaker or aspiring to be one then you will stick to the thumb rule of having your own signature style. True to that, it is very difficult for a director to divert from that vision. Tollywood is blessed to have many talented directors who have their own signature style but sometimes even that can lead to some challenges.

This is perhaps the situation of the national award winning director Neelakanta. It is known that Neelakanta is making his debut in Bollywood with the film ‘Murder 4’. This is the remake of his Telugu movie ‘Maaya’. Our sources from Mumbai reveal Neelakanta was told by producer Mahesh Bhatt to come up with few hot scenes with sexual favor in the film.

Now, Neelakanta has come up with movies like ‘Show’, ‘Missamma’, ‘Pravaraakhyudu’ and they are sensible elegant movies which showed women in highest respect. He has never crossed that line of decently and he doesn’t show sex. For that matter, though ‘Maaya’ had that scope he didn’t do that. Now, the same film is going to Hindi and there is a good chance to exploit it. Will the traditional Neelakanta go ahead with the suggestion of Mahesh Bhatt? Let us wait and see.