Hilarious Brahmanandam Turning Torturous

Posted : July 18, 2014 at 8:28 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Brahmanandam is the only actor in Tollywood who could make you giggle for any of his action on or off screen. Now, this hilarious Brahmi is turning torturous as a result of routine character selections with stale comedy. Farther this, he is given special songs in films such as Autonagar Surya and Geethanjali in recent times. These songs focus Brahmi as hero, even in the presence of main lead actors. It would not be an issue if these songs are shot riotously and persuasively. Even good becomes bad if it crosses the bar.

Brahmanandam is most expensive comedian in Tollywood. He is almost given equal importance to star heroes. Fact is, family and other section of audience is coming to theaters only to watch Brahmanandam and his comedy. Thusly, writers and directors are forcibly including his scenes to lure humour loving public and completing his portions in fewer call sheets chopping down production cost.
Few directors who couldn’t think beyond this are chosing easy way by simply filming songs on Brahmanandam. Is Brahmi losing his well built comedian stature by accepting everything for money? He is not in a position to work for money; he is in the age of working for personal and professional satisfaction. Hope he picks apt roles from now on which stand in history for ages to come!