What Happened To HER 90 Crores?

Posted : June 22, 2014 at 1:00 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Charging almost 2-3 crores on an average for a film and extracting more than 6 Crores from new producers who are solely depending  on her charisma, dusky beauty Priyanka Chopra has surely made a fortune in Bollywood. What happened to all that money?

Bollywood’s analysts have predicted that Priyanka’s total income till date is around 90 crores including film offers, ribbon cuttings and overseas dance performances. A couple of investment brokers revealed that our seductress has invested a lot in Real Estate in Mumbai and also in stock market. A source revealed that Priyanka has this habit of buying houses and apartments whenever she gets some money. And as property prices in Mumbai are always soaring, surely she is going to get a chunk of profits on those investments.

Also Priyanka believes that investing in market will also help double her money, but asks her traders to invest carefully on non-risky stocks, the source added. Undoubtedly our heroine’s husband is going to be the lucky one as he need not stretch his legs to earn more when his wife is a crorepati.