Who Is That Guy Anyway???

Posted : April 26, 2014 at 1:02 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Prakash Raj calls himself as child of ‘controversy’, but the other day he became the king of gossip by leaving enough food for rumour-mills to eat. With the kind of revelations he made, many are wondered what he would be revealing in the days to come and whom he will be accusing.

Calling himself as a fruit bearing tree that will be pelted by stones always, Prakash Raj stated that there is one guy who is trying to corner him. For the sake of covering his mistake and ego, that guy is said to be harassing our versatile actor. Who is that guy? All fingers are pointing towards one person only. In his conversation, Prakash Raj spoke very high about his producers, that assistant director who filed case on him and his hero Mahesh Babu. Maybe you have got the clue now.

Prakash Raj has intentionally missed out one name, giving enough food for gossip mongers. Of course, right now that guy is on ‘wanted list’ of many star heroes who might be ready to lose Prakash than him. Sensing this, our versatile actor appeared before media to give clarity. For your information, Prakash Raj never gave clarity about anything.