California Assemblyman participates in Bathukamma Celebrations

Posted : October 1, 2014 at 6:10 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies

STA Bathukamma

The Mega Event Bathukamma-Dasserah by Sacramento Telangana Association (STA) celebrations ended with a great gathering at Sunrise Elementary School, Rancho Cordova, California on 27th Sep. Sacramento Assemblyman Ken Cooley, Rancho Cordova Mayor Dan Skoglund and other Government officials attended this gracious event and enjoyed the celebrations which went on a grand manner. The Assemblyman carrying Bathukamma in the traditional manner went as a special highlight for the entire event.

STA Bathukamma & Dasara celebrations had many first-of-its kind activities like Bathukamma Dances, Jammi Chettu Pooja, Pala Pitta Darshan, Bathukamma Nimajjanam etc. The Mega Event saw over 1500+ people thronging to celebrate Bathukamma (festival of life). The stage was huge, the weather was perfect. The event started at 3:30 PM, where hundreds of women wearing traditional sarees brought Bathukamma adorned with beautiful flowers and unique decorations and themes. Women were seen dancing to the mellifluous song of “Bathukamma Bathukamma Uyyalo” on the vast stage. Later women took out a grand procession and immersed the Bathukammas in the nearby lake with in the Ranch Cordova. Jammi Pooja was organized and hundreds of volunteers thronged and carried the slogans of ‘Shami Pooja’ procession.

After that, Cultural activities taken place like singing songs and dance programs with orchestra. Many cultural proceedings went non-stop entertaining with the crowd for over three hours. The attended crowd expressed their happiness saying “the event was organized as ‘Never before’ and not even seen in India in such a grand manner” and especially thanked the STA committee for the hard work and efforts. STA Team strived for two months in planning to cover all aspects of facilities in this Mega Event. The STA team headed by Mr Satish Pasupulate (President for STA) thanked all the special guests who honored the occasion and thanked the sponsors and the crowd for being part of the biggest Bathukamma & Dasara festival in North America. At the end, the event promised a perfect package of weather, programs and wonderful food.