Genuinity In Tollywood Workers Strike

Posted : October 22, 2014 at 1:22 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


The Tollywood circuit is currently embroiled in a situation and all shootings have come to a halt. Even caterers of shooting are also part of the strike. They are doing their job secretly but saying not to reveal outside because their memberships will be removed. So, what is the issue all about?

The cine workers are holding a strike to increase the daily wage. Currently, they are getting Rs 600 per day but now they are demanding Rs 850 per day. The costumers, junior artists are stating that inflation has risen and they are getting payments that were given four to five years back.

They add that it is not a daily job and happens on and off. Looking at all angles, they are asking to compensate. Many feel it is a genuine demand and it can be worked out. If the remuneration for a big hero’s movie is reduced then that fund can be used here. Lately, the working days have also come down so work is not there in long run. As such their amounts are not huge but here is the other side.

The producers point out that if films go wrong they suffer huge losses. Now, if this hike raises then they incur extra burden. All said and done, the rightful way to end this would be that their demands must be considered and if not Rs 850 at least some hike must be given. Let us see what happens.