In Front of Crocodail Festival :KCR

Posted : June 7, 2014 at 8:06 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


In seperate statehood movement, from begining to achieving desired goals the CM of the Telangana KCR has given host of sops to Telanganites. Before election campaign KCR announced the first Telangana’s CM would be a dalit. Then, this statement attracted vast positive argument and all are praised KCR’s decision though some suspected. After completion of elections KCR held the top post and made a dalit as deputy chief minister.

The composition of cabinet and bureaucracy is considered entire personal issue to TRS and people did not comment it. Lately, the Telanganites have begun uttering voices against their beloved CM. Though not completely but some people are in the mood that they have been cheated. The opinion is drawn in people by KCR’s latest decision on farm loan waiver. Here, it is explained, the netas always can not convince people. So, did the Telangana Chief Minister underestimate the people of his state? Did KCR think that people wont question him and listen always what he says? These are the latest doubts in laymen.

Without any knowledge did KCR give promises to come into power? Did the Pink clad leader ignore people’s feelings and gave importance only to grab the top post? these are the some queries of the opposition. The opposition is also very impatient towards TRS’s position in dealing with the farm loan waiver commitment. The cause of opposition’s disappointment is, by the help of the welfare schemes, especially with the farm loan waiver announcement the TRS garnered lakhs of votes and defeated the Congress and the TDPs candidates.

So, the Congress and the TDP leaders are pressurizing KCR to fulfill all the announced schemes. Though the opposition’s demands are at high, suspicions are surrounding KCR’s asserverations of welfare. The welfare schemes grandly announced by the CM of the Telangana will be implemented or not? Destiny desides.