First Transgender News Anchor

Posted : September 20, 2014 at 10:41 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


India has got its first Transgender news anchor. After 5 months after Supreme Court gave a ruling entitling with equal rights to them, a news channel in Tamil Nadu recruited the country’s first Transgender news anchor. Setting a new precedent, 31-yr-old Padmini Prakash has been recruited as a news presenter by Lotus News Channel.

Padmini Prakash worked as a dancer and garnered fame after acting in several soap operas. However, Padmini had a sad story to tell. She was dejected by her own family and she said she faced severe discrimination from the society. She is now contented to have high-profile role and looking forward to bright future.

In April 2014, the Apex Court recognized transgender as a legal third gender and, in a landmark judgment lauded by human rights groups, called on the government to ensure their equal treatment. India was not the first country to give legal recognition to the transgender community. Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh have also legally recognised a third gender.