Finally Mahesh is Political!

Posted : May 3, 2014 at 7:11 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Super Star turned Prince Mahesh Babu known for his calm nature. has always maintained distance from politics and stayed Neutral. Finally Super Star broke his ideology of being apolitical to support his Brother-In-Law… “Galla Jayadev”, Owner Amar Raja Group and Son of Ex. Minister Galla Aruna Kumari.  Mahesh requested all his fans at Guntur constituency to support Galla Jayadev who is a TDP MP Contestant for Guntur; And expressed his thanks-in-advance for the fans extending their support for this TDP MP.

It is known fact that Super Star Krishna daringly challenged NTR’s Telugu Desam Party when the whole industry is behind NTR and given his out-right support to then President Congress Party – Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, Campaigned for Congress  Party and also was elected as MP for Eluru segment. Krishna stayed active in politics during Rajiv’s tenure went silence after his demise, However Super Star Krishna extended his support for YS Raja Shekhar Reddy & Congress Party in the 2009 elections.

Prince made an intelligent move of utilizing his micro blogging [twitter] platform to make this appeal rather going for Media [Electronic / Print]. It is also observed that Ghattamaneni Star didn’t support TDP but his Brother-In-Law only.

Here are his tweets for all the Ghattamaneni fans:

@urstrulyMahesh [Apr 17] I’ve always maintained that I’m apolitical.. still am. However, I need to break my silence to talk a little about my BIL @jaygalla who is contesting for MP from Guntur. From the time he married my sister, Padma, when I was only 13, he has been an inspiration and role model to me. At first, it was because of the way he took care of me and treated me. Later, I understood how he was able to develop a vision and translate it into reality with values, as can be seen in how he steered the Amara Raja Group and the Amaron Brand into what they are today. He has been recognized by media, industry bodies and his peers for his achievements. He has always talked about wanting to enter politics, and I never really understood why, given my own dislike for the field. He always said that the only way to create change is to improve the quality of people entering politics.. And that through politics, you can serve the maximum number of people. One of his favorite quotes, “One man can make a difference, and every man should try.” I believe in him, and I believe he can make a difference. He has my support and my vote, and I hope he has yours as well.

@jaygalla represents hope for the future of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh and for India. @urstrulyMahesh [May 3] I’m really happy that all my fans n people of guntur have welcomed and embraced @jaygalla as their own.. Have been following his campaign closely n I’m sure he will win with a thumping majority.