Explosive Interview: Pawan Slaps YSR and Jagan

Posted : April 1, 2014 at 7:34 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Since the inception of ‘Jana Sena’ Powerstar Pawan Kalyan hasn’t given any interviews to media as his political speeches on two occasions have revealed most of things. However, the revolutionary movie hero has finally given an interview to a leading Telugu daily about his vision, thoughts and future plans. The way he slapped YSR’s rule and Jagan’s greed to bag CM seat is noticeable in this interview.

Pawan Kalyan revealed that YSR stood as epitome of corruption and even spoiled all the cadres down below. ‘Had only leaders looted money, it would have been different. But in YSR’s regime, looting became an ideology with corruption rooting into all levels of leadership. What will common man get then?’ asks Pawan, pointing his guns straight at the erstwhile late CM of Andhra Pradesh. Pawan referenced to some TDP leaders even saying that, ‘TDP leaders used to utter that their boss never let them eat money, but YSR is. The situation is so gloomy as we are asking them to eat money, but at least do some work’.

Also Pawan Kalyan blasted YSR for his opportunistic politics. ‘After wrapping elections in Telangana, YSR went to Nandyala to say we should get Visas to visit Telangana if it is granted. YSR propagated as if Telangana will be a separate country post bifurcation. What is the difference between separatists and him?’

Talking about Jagan, the Jana Sena president expressed surprise as to how Jagan amassed such a huge wealth in a short time. Not stressing on his wealth, Pawan questioned as to why Jagan was desperate to come to power immediately after his father’s accidental death. ‘Even before mourning father’s death and coming out of it, Jagan tried to grab that CM seat. Leaders should be selected by people, but not the one who wants to become a leader. With CM post in mind, what kind of respect one will give to his dead father? Why is that immense desire for CM seat?’ questioned Pawan.

Commenting about present scenario where Jagan is promising huge policies and good governance to people, Pawan asked about the old-baggage the YSR President is carrying with him. ‘Only after Jagan comes out clean from all the charge sheets levied against him, he should ride in politics. Otherwise, when will he focus on governance with charge sheets pulling his leg?’, he asserted. ‘As a common man, my doubt is how Jagan will come out of accusations whose charge sheets almost occupy a full room? People will start believing in Jagan only if he first comes clean out of all those CBI cases’, he added, reiterating about white-collar crime accusations on Jagan. ‘Also if YSR Congress comes into power, bureaucrats are worried as to what kind of illegal work they should do like their contemporaries have done during YSR regime’.

On a whole Pawan Kalyan has given call to elect an eligible leader for the state who can lead us into development. He stressed that we should choose someone who got experience in governance. Pawan felt that those who lack experience in ruling the state are not the cup of tea at the moment. ‘Except neglecting farmers and incidents like shoot outs at Basheerbagh, Chandrababu’s ruling is fine. Law and order is in control, Hyderabad is clean and governance is good’, said Pawan, wrapping the interview.