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Except Jabardasth, I Sacrificed All TV Shows

Published on Jul 27 2015
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Always known as a firebrand politician for her straightforward nature, YSRCP’s Nagari MLA Roja always makes headlines with her controversial comments. The former actress turned politician still appears in the popular TV show, Jabardasth.

In a recent TV interview, the interviewer asked Roja why she is still associated with Jabardasth, despite the allegations by several opposition leaders that Roja¬† doesn’t show the same commitment towards politics as she shows torwards Jabardasth. In her reply, Roja said that she is continuing to host Jabardasth only due to certain obligations and that money was never her priority.

Roja further stated that she had even sacrificed several of her successful TV shows like Race, Modern Maha Lakshmi and Luckka Kickaa in Tamil and even her filmy offers. The actress cum politician went on to say that she has been relentlessly fighting towards people’s problems and that people should not create such a huge mess out of just one TV show.

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