Everyone Knows why Jagan wants Modi now!

Posted : May 19, 2014 at 10:17 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Unfazed by the huge defeat, YSR Congress chief-beleaguered YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is putting up a brave face and moving onto the next. NO doubt, one should appreciate Jagan Reddy’s confidence but what’s the most irony is his imbalance, instability and “. Complete contrary to his veteran dad-late YSR who is very popular with a phrase “Maata Tappamu, Madama Thippamu” (Won’t go back on word, Won’t twist the wrist), Jagan always known for changing his “words”, “stands” on various issues.

Jagan has been changing his voice often and taking an opportunistic stand especially when it comes to National politics. At first he bluntly rejected Narendra Modi and his leadership claiming that he only supports “secular” government. He later did volte face and hailed Modi as “good administrator”. Soon after Chandra Babu forged an alliance with Modi-led BJP, Jagan is back to square one. This time, he blamed BJP for the party which has supported the “bifurcation” of Andhra Pradesh. Even it didn’t work. During the final phase of elections, Jagan again stated that he would contemplate to “back” Modi. Meanwhile, YS Sharmila and YS Bharathi have said the otherwise. They claimed that YSRCP would mostly support a “third front” and said supporting Modi is their last option.

That’s not all. In between, Jagan took to media and said, “Be it Elliaha, Pulliaha or Modi, we (YSRCP) will support who ever forms the government at Centre.” Very soon after the results that gave a landslide victory to Modi, now Jagan rushed to PM designate, met him and offered “unconditional support” to him although BJP need not want any support as it bagged 283 seats on its own, 8 more than the half-way mark required (272) to form government, while the whole NDA got 336. Political observers have pointed out this stand of Jagan only to get benefit from Centre inorder to evade “law” and escape from the umpteen cases that are under investigation by national agencies like CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), Enforcement Directorate (ED).

One thing is clear Jagan desperately “needs” Narendra Modi as he is the only one “hope” for Jagan who could “save” him from the umpteen corruption cases that Jagan has been battling with. Jagan is of the opinion that “friendship” with Modi would give him an opportunity to show off that developmental activities of Central government in State are due to his “pushing”. Mr Jagan, people know why you want Modi. Moreover, Modi, BJP won’t let you in. Already Modi made it clear that he won’t leave “scamsters” like you. Modi may first look after people like Robert Vadra. All you need to do is, just wait for your turn!