Eid SPL: My futile search for Eid in Tollywood

Posted : July 29, 2014 at 4:27 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Dear Telugu Film Industry,

No doubt Cinema is our biggest means of entertainment. In every occasion of our lives we look towards cinema for some suitable song sequence portraying a particular emotion or a particular occasion. We have songs for happy occasions, tragedy songs, revolutionary songs, devotional songs, love songs, preachy songs, songs depicting anger and many other categories. But the songs I like the most are the festival songs like Deepavali, Sankranti, Ugadi, Vinayaka Chaviti, Christmas and the like. For every festival there are many songs which the audience can reminisce and even play them on that particular day because Cinema has always been the common man’s chief means of entertainment on any festive day.

Since the month of Ramzan commenced, I started searching for a song on Eid celebrations. I couldn’t remember any song on Eid. May be I forgot or may be I didn’t know. I secretly hoped that there definitely would be some songs…atleast a couple on Eid. I enquired my friends. I searched on internet. I browsed through music libraries. But all my attempts turned futile. Some said that there might probably be an Eid song in Krishna Vamsi’s ‘Kadgam’, as they remember Prakash Raj portraying a Muslim guy and dancing around during a celebration in the movie. When I eagerly started watching the song, it wasn’t an Eid song. I was disappointed. Some said, “Try Teja’s ‘Jai’”, there was a patriotic song but no Eid song. A few of them said to try old movies. But fruitless.

Today is Eid, my search still continues. What happened Tollywood? Why have you turned your back towards Eid celebrations. Don’t you want to give us some songs for our celebrations too? Eagerly waiting for an Eid gift atleast by next year’s Eid. Is anyone there hearing? Hope some film maker gets to read this post and gives a serious thought about it. Meanwhile, if someone finds a Eid song from our Telugu films, please share it with us. I would proudly show that to my fellow Indians.

Yours lovingly,
A Fellow Indian.