Ee PAWANam Yetu Vaipu?

Posted : May 10, 2014 at 8:17 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Frustration, helplessness or anger , not really sure which is the mother of Pawan’s Janasena party. But it was born. Party started with intension of Questioning the politicians and government and also to fight for injustice. Right objectives but still not clear how the party is planning to do it. Primary objective seems to stop con-gress party from winning which is a joke as congress already dead in the state. To build corruption free society and to serve the people may be the objectives of his party. Former is almost impossible and later can be tried and proved.

First thing the party did was to support MODI as PM which is an obvious choice if you want to defeat Con-gress. Modi is powerful and also the choice of major percentage of voters. Party wanted to contest in 5 MP and 40MLA seats and withdrawn later from the idea as it divides the vote bank. For limited political exposure party or Pawan has, this must be the most mature decision considering the benefit of Andhrapradesh state. Pawan is aware and clear that he lacks experience in developing the state and also running politics and needs time. He supported NDA and BJP and addressed rallies for their candidates. Then he got pressurized by TDP for supporting them through MODI as TDP doesn’t have regional star power except MODI and CBN. Pawan also believed CBN is the best candidate for the development of Andhrapradesh and supported and campaigned for unconditionally. Throughout his campaigns he lamented TRS, Congress and YCRCP for their politics and corruption. CBN is a pleased man with the support and also campaigning and also thanked him after the election.

In one of the campaigns, Pawan announced that he will go back to movies if CBN comes to power and he will continue his fight if Jagan comes to power. Now this is probably the most confusing statement or decision. If he really wants to support good candidate, he need not float a party. Also he announced that he will contest in 2019 elections. This decision is interesting but what are his options and what will be his objectives. IF TDP comes to power and does well in this term, TDP may not need Pawan in next term. Pawan will not have any objectives for contesting except for the common cause of power. Considering his personality he may not join with neither congress nor YSRCP. He can only go with TDP again. In that case Pawan and his party will lose identity. IF TDP loses and Jagan comes to power and does well again Pawan party’s survival is difficult. Only in case Jagan doesn’t do well, he has a chance politically.

But Considering all his current actions, it’s still not clear where Pawan and his party going and what are his future plans. Best case for him is to continue the work he wants to do irrespective of election and being in touch with people and BJP if the party comes to power. During the next 5years, he should work with objectives to serve the region and people and connect himself to the concerns of people not with the politicians and party. At the same time also should not lose his identity. Otherwise Janasena party will become another PRP.