Double Stand Of KCR Exposed

Posted : October 12, 2014 at 11:00 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


When Kiran Kumar Reddy who was CM during the T-agitation told KCR that Telangana would suffer from ‘Power supply’ issues in the event of bifurcation, this is what KCR said, “Saying that we are a newly formed State, we will ask the Center for power. I have made a complete study of the issue. There is only a river separating Chhattisgarh from Telangana.

Chhattisgarh has agreed to supply 1000-1500 MW immediately once the new State is formed. All that is required is a line from that state to Telangana which can be completed in two and a half months. Do not believe anything that Kiran Kumar Reddy says. Telangana will be self-sufficient in ‘power generation’ once the new state is formed.”

Now that his vision of becoming the Chief Minister has been realized, KCR is finding the ‘power issue’ spiraling out of control with alarming increase in the number of farmers’ suicides and huge devastation of crops. When questioned on KCR’s grandiose scheme of laying a power line, Etela Rajender, (dummy) finance minister and side-kick of KCR says, “Yes, what KCR said then was true. But we recently commissioned a survey which felt that laying a line from Chhattisgarh to Telangana would be inappropriate as the entire region is under the control of Naxalites.

So, we feel that we would be better off producing the ‘electricity’ in Telangana itself.” This is nothing but the height of irresponsibility. Was KCR not aware of the Naxal problem at the time of making these fanciful statements? This incident once again proves that he is just a demagogue who cashed in on the ‘Telangana’ sentiment at the expense of the people’s welfare.