Don’t Over React: Renu’s advice to Pawan Fans!

Posted : April 23, 2014 at 9:23 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
The presence of Renu Desai in the social media has given the opportunity for Pawan Fans to constantly pester her by targeting personal life. Joining Twitter bandwagon recently only multiplied her troubles as there are people who find fault with everything one does and she has to deal with that sort of madness.

Renu Desai is clueless over why people are treating everything she posts on her page as a big deal.   “I was silent for 4 years, everyone complained I was silent and wanted me to be vocal. Now I’m interacting with my well wishers & fans everyone is wondering why suddenly I’m so vocal. This is the problem of the World… I’m silent that’s a problem… I speak that’s a problem,” she shot back.

In the recent past, Renu Desai shared various matters like ‘Relationship stays with Pawan Kalyan’, ‘Pawan Kalyan as a Person’ and ‘First Meeting with Pawan Kalyan’ with her followers. Obviously, Fans will be curious to know more about Pawan from Renu and other untold secrets. Renu, on the other hand, is finding it tough to handle the over-enthusiastic fans. Side-effects of being a Celeb!