I Dont Beleive in Luck

Posted : May 13, 2014 at 5:50 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Shruti Haasan claims she does not believed within the saying luck has to be in your favor to become successful . “Usually, we tend to hear comments like ‘One has to have luck to become successful in Cinema’. What will Luck mean? however it would like? As so much as I knew, hard work alone may ensure success,” she quotes.

When asked however she would handle success and failure, Shruti explains: “If the film i was part off turns successful , then i will be able to be called a ‘lucky’ Hassan. Whenever my films find yourself as flops, I turn out to be ‘flop’ Haasan all of a sudden. Actually, Luck factor does not bother me. i will be able to work hard and keeps an eye on the result. If the outcome is negative, i will be able to work on improving my acting skills. even though my films turn successful , i will be able to be watching them to know if I could do much better job.”.

Knowing ones negative aspects and working on them is like a stepping stone for success. Shruti Haasan is aware of the basics right and hence she is very successful today.