Dilemma of 1 crore Muslims in the state?

Posted : April 1, 2014 at 12:12 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
With more than 80 assembly seats and 25 Lok Sabha seats that could determine on Muslim voting in Andhra Pradesh, whom should they trust-Congress, TDP, YSRC, TRS or its bete-noir BJP or its MIM, that belongs to their own leaders. Despite suppoting so-called secular parties like Congress, TDP for the last few decades, there hasn’t been any improvement in their lifestyle (anybody who has visited Old City and surrounding places would vouch for it).  Less said the better about minorities plight in Telangana, Rayalseema and Coastal Andhra, since school drop outs are increasing, education system hasn’t brightened and even reservations for minorities have helped them to move to the next level. They majority rely on small-time retail trading, iron workshops,  electrical and contract works (except influential rich Muslim family). So, who will change the fate of their lives.

With Congress, TDP good nothing concrete, minorities should trust YSRC or MIM, which is spreading its wings in the state or go to to other side of the fence BJP.  “Appeasement of Muslims has helped the livelihood of minorties in the state and both Congress and TDP should take some blame for a good number of people lving below poverty line” says a political analyst. After YSR introduced 5% reservation in jobs and education for Muslims in the state, but cout stayed it, but his son and Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy, promises to revive it and uplift Muslim community in this 2014 elections.  After lying low, MIM is going all out to expand its base and bound to attract good chunk of Muslms votes and do they have a big vision for their community.

Finally, BJP which runs with the stigme of anti-Muslim tirade and Modi known to be a anti-minority stance, but he promises to change their fate of their lives, but how far he could be trusted is anybody guess.  Nearly 1 crore Muslims are caught between devil-deep sea, to vote for old parties or trust new ones, but they should chose a party that looks commited and transparent in pro-Muslim vision. Or 2014 elections, Muslims have different plan to safeguar their interests., lets wait and see.