Is Dil Raju Making Fun Of Pawanism??

Posted : April 9, 2014 at 3:12 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Nothing is seen or heard about Dil Raju talking about Pawan Kalyan in public, but always there is this unseen friction that is in publicity always. Amidst our powerful hero starting a party and then dropping to contest from elections, here comes our big producer’s name onto top again.

There are reports here and there that Dil Raju is making fun of Pawanism by saying that this phenomenon lacks real excitement in it. Maybe he has taken a clue from director Ram Gopal Varma, who directly stated that Pawan’s ISM is nothing short of junk and asked the hero to come up with more clarity. Some say that Raju is not an avid supporter of Pawan ever since the actor hasn’t given dates for a movie. Few add that Pawan is against Dil Raju to distribute his films though his successful blockbusters are distributed by Raju only. Whatever the reason may be, this unseen friction and Raju’s latest ‘excitement’ comments to make fun of Pawanism are garnering attention now.

No matter what Dil Raju might has said or not about Pawanism, his name always glitters intensely whenever there is a talk about Pawan Kalyan at film offices these days.