Deva Katta’s Late Night Satire On Critics?

Posted : July 8, 2014 at 2:17 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Talented director Deva Katta who is stripped of commercial success, as per critics, has somewhat came heavily on movie reviewers last night. But his blasting went indirectly, and it took time for even most geniuses to understand the underlying message.

Apparently Deva Katta tweeted a question in the midnight on his micro blogging site. ‘I wonder why so many people are still reading and analyzing “Atlas Shrugged” (A book written by Ayn Rand) after all the following verdicts when it was published’, he said, giving reviews of various magazines and critics at that time. Of course, everyone rubbished off Atlas Shrugged. Some called it as a novel written out of hate and Time magazine asked if it is a novel or a nightmare. Despite all this huge criticism, this book of Ayn Rand stood out as a classic. Now what point Deva Katta wants to tell by using this example?

Though everyone has written off Atlas Shrugged, people still like to read it. Using this as base, is Deva trying to say that eventhough critics called ‘Auto Nagar Surya’ as poor flick, people are still flocking at theatres, and thus ANS is a classic-epic movie? Is it his form of satire of Telugu critics? Who knows!