Controlling the Damage Done by Pawan Kalyan

Posted : November 3, 2014 at 4:25 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


It is now official that Sampath Nandi has been kicked out of Gabbar Singh 2 project. The young director dreamed of making it to the big league by delivering a big hit with Pawan Kalyan. In spite of working for more than two years on the script of Gabbar Singh sequel, Sampath Nandi failed to impress Power Star.

Pawan Kalyan finally decided to go with some other director and Sampath Nandi also has given up hopes on the movie. Although Sampath Nandi has a super hit to his credit in the form of Racha, losing Gabbar Singh 2 project will damage his career for sure. Who is going to trust the talent of a director when he fails to impress a hero even after working on the script for two years?

Sampath Nandi is trying his best to control the damage by announcing a movie with Raviteja out of the blue. Industry circles say that this is a desperate attempt from the director to stop media from writing him off after being kicked out by Pawan. As of now Raviteja-Nandi project is just for the sake of press release. Sampath Nandi should try and do his best to materialize this one.