Congress and it’s EXIT Polls

Posted : May 13, 2014 at 10:02 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


As per the exit polls from various channels, NDA seems to be a clear winner. Though exit polls may not be 100 percent representation of actual polls, it will show the trend. They may form the government with their existing allies or may be with the support of new allies. This clearly shows the end of era. The era of weak leadership, corrupted representatives and hopeless administration is behind now. During first five years, performance of government is average but it went worst in the next five years. Scam after scam this government has robbed people’s money. Most of their representatives are behind the bars for one reason or other. Prime minister worked under his party leadership. Hardly took any decisions and also never spoken.

Crime rate has gone up and government is clueless on why and how. When the criminals are part of governance, what can we expect from people? Disappointment is so high in the capital that their chief minister Sheela dixit, three times winner, lost to a new comer who doesn’t have political experience. Party is routed in Delhi itself. Party failed in creating new jobs and also to control the economy. No clear policies to revive or stop further erosion of economy are prepared or thought of. All that they were sure of was that they can get stay in power for five years because we elected them.

For the last one and half year Con-gress started putting the ideas together on how to come back to power. They started all the bills that they can pass and please the poor Indians. By the way congress claims that they have reduced the poverty in India. Of course they have done it by changing definition of poor. They brought food security bill to fool half billion people. Anti-corruption bill is another big joke. They brought the bill but corruption of its own representatives could not be controlled. On one sunny day congress decided for a bill that will allow tainted politicians to contest the elections.

Two days later, you find their ally getting arrested by CBI. CBI was a pet for the government which attacked everyone the government feared. Division Andhrapradesh is another political drama. Con-gress tried to fill fear in minorities by showing opposition is not secular. Announcing reservations for some castes are another election promise. All the last minute attempts could not save grace for the grand old party. Con-gress want to cash on poor memory of the people but people were wise this time. They have given their verdict which has a strong message; we can’t bear inefficiency and corruption any longer. People need leaders not misleaders. Going by exit polls, these polls are EXIT polls for congress.