Chiru Tried Hard – Pawan Revealed Nothing

Posted : March 20, 2014 at 11:35 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Pawan Kalyan floating a new party and the electrified speech that took two Telugu states by a storm on last Friday are still reeling in the minds of everyone. But one wonders the kind of tension and discussion that Mega family went through days before that happening. What if Chiru reveals them all?

In an exclusive interview to a media house, Megastar Chiranjeevi is quoted saying that he knows nothing about Pawan Kalyan’s political plans until he saw the live-telecast of his brother’s two hours speech.

Chiru said, ‘When I came to know about his political plans, I enquired him and Kalyan told me there is nothing like that. As TV channels are buzzing with Pawan’s idea to float a party, I deployed Nagababu to know about happenings, but Pawan said again that there is nothing such. I’ve called him myself on phone after coming to know about his serious intentions towards starting a party, and told him that I’ll meet him. But he told me he will come and see me, which didn’t happen. After two days of this incident, I watched TVs like you all did’.

It is quite sad that Pawan didn’t even reveal his plans to his brother, no matter how hard he tried. Maybe Pawan anticipated that his brother will not allow him to lodge his own political outfit. Responding on this, Chiru says, ‘I always encourage my brothers to go independent. At this time, Pawan reached peak in his career, but he sold lot of his properties and not even had an own house. He should continue his top run for a while, earn well, settle down, and contest in 2019 elections. That is what I want to say’.

Chiru signed off saying, with a lump in his throat, ‘Let me face Kalyan in elections, as he wants to challenge me (Congress) in poll battlefield anyway’. So, that is what happened before Pawan floated his Jana Sena, and the rest story is what all you know.