Chiranjeevi to join BJP?

Posted : April 28, 2014 at 1:04 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
BJP Senior leader M. Venkaiaha Naidu has stunned one and all by expressing his sympathy towards Chiranjeevi who is campaign committee chief of Congress in Seemandhra. Venkaiaha Naidu, in his tone, lamented Congress party for “using” and “Throwing” Chiranjeevi. Venkaiaha said, “Congress has used Chiranjeevi and about to throw him. Chiranjeevi has a stature of NTR and has popularity next to NTR in Andhra Pradesh. But Congress just gave him a helping ministry (Sahayaka Mantri) which is of no use. That’s how Chiru turned out to be a Asahayaka Mantri”

Venkaiaha Naidu said the whole nation is chanting NaMo (Narendra Modi) Mantra and Modi wave is going to out throw incumbent Congress.  Venkaiaha said, “Whole nation is fascinated about Modi’s administration and his leadership. It is sad that Chiranjeevi is sailing on a sinking ship (Congress).” Referring to Pawan’s comments on KCR, Venkaiaha Naidu asked KCR to control his statements, speeches and adviced him to avoid personal remarks.

With this, it is pretty clear that Venkaiaha Naidu, with clear indications from Narendra Modi and BJP’s top brass, is sending feelers to Chiru to join Modi brigade and into BJP fold. Modi is of the opinion that roping in Chiru would be easier as already Pawan Kalyan is rallying for Modi. Recently, Arun Jaitley was successful in roping Manmohan Singh’s brother Daljeet Singh Kohli into BJP in Amritstar that shocked whole nation including Manmohan and Congress.

Also, buzz has it that Chiru may join BJP after 2014 elections and may end up as Rajya Sabha member and thus to settle with Central Ministry if Modi agrees. So, one need not be surprised even if Chiru joins BJP sooner or later. That’s Modi’s trick.