‘Chiranjeevi Hataav, Raashtr Bachaav’

Posted : March 26, 2014 at 11:50 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

RGV is a man who fears none. After taking a dig on every other person he knows or not, here again he’s back with a venomous and most uncalled for comment on Chiranjeevi. He took to Twitter to spew the venom posting, “Chiranjeevi hataav rashtr bachaav”. We are not questioning his freedom of right to express his feelings but Mr RGV, we want to requote what you said back in 2011:

That’s not all, the same gentleman back in 2011 tweeted that:

1) “Chiranjeevi is a phenomenon and the people of Andhra pradesh are not and they proved that by not making him a chief minister.”

2) “I used the word fuckers becos any given day I luv chiranjeevi much more than I luv the people of Andhra Pradesh”

3) “If ppl of AP don’t make chiranjeevi CM its their bad luck nd if such ppl don’t vote for him its his good luck”

His changing stand proves what an inconsistent (if not eccentric) man he is who uses his creativity merely for tweeting and not churning out good movies. When was the last time he delivered a decent and watchable movie, people?

And the attention grabber that he is, we are screaming here, ‘RGV hataav Hum sab bachaav.’