Charmi is Trying Hard to Impress Audience

Posted : June 5, 2014 at 10:23 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Charmee the bubbly actress together with her chirpiness and innocence are going to be doing the perfect justice to the character donned. She has created an image for herself in the horror movies & heroine centric movies although she was from a Punjabi background still the survival in the industry was appreciated, and she speaks like a perfect Telugu girl. although she isn’t that active on screen currently a days she does know how to keep herself in the limelight and always makes her presence in social network sites and keeps on reminding she is still in the race, off latest she have started a latest publicity stunt by uploading her voice recordings together with her cute voice.

In the previous week there have been heavy winds and downpour of rain due to which constant power cut in every corner of the city, at that she was scared with some night mares during this time. She said like this “I should stop doing movies like mantra” as she was trying to sleep since long however unable to due to some haunting dreams. Not stopping at that she even kept a recording saying “im here at the shoot being bitten by insects & Red Ants, it appears even these little creatures are loving charming beauty. Some people are enjoying her bubbly voice recordings, some are back biting saying since Charmee is idle in order to kill it, she is coming up with such nasty concepts, that’s Charmee for you hope we bring some updated news from her films soon.