Charan and Bunny Teasing Niharika

Posted : June 12, 2014 at 10:00 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Mega daughter Niharika Konidela became a household name these days as she is hosting the dance show ‘D Juniors’ on popular entertainment channel ETV. Apparently the star-kid revealed how she is getting teased by two star heroes in her house at the moment.

Sharing her thoughts about how people and family have received by show hosting, Niharika says that they are all excited about it. ‘In my home, my cousins Charan and Bunny started teasing after watching me on TV. they are saying that I’ve become a big celebrity now’, she said laughing. also Niharika added that her brother Varun Teja keeps on giving her tips about standing in front of camera, managing few stuff and else. also the youngster felt elated saying that her mother feels proud whenever somebody says we tend to watched your daughter on TV.

However, Niharika confirmed that acting isn’t on the cards for the currently, as she is still unsure about her skills. but she did not ruled out it either. so expect some more ‘flying colors’ from mega daughter soon.