Chandrababu Questioning Lord Shiva

Posted : October 18, 2014 at 12:45 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


The hottest and most challenging issue that is currently plaguing the CM of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu is the resurrection of Vizag and North Andhra. True to the demand, he has been camping in the Steel city and working round the clock to ensure things return to normal.

Many know that the city has an important landmark called the Kailasagiri which is a hill. This location has come in many movies as well. Basically, it is a big hill park for the recreation of people of Vizag and those in the surrounding areas. They reach the hill through steps as well as on vehicles.

But with the cyclone Hudhud battering every place, even the trees and landscaping on this landmark also has been devastated. Recently, CBN went for a visit to examine the place and it led to an interesting situation. It is not sure with what intent the photographer took it but a picture of CBN has begun making rounds.

Those who saw it are feeling as if Naidu is questioning Lord Shiva. This picture is circulating strongly in social media and many are coming up with different photo-comments as follows-

‘Entha panichesavayya Sivayya?’
‘Nuvu Layakarakudivi… andukena ee pralayam’
‘Pralayam teppinchav. adhi nee pani… punarsrushti chese sakthini maathram naku prasaadinchu. adhi naa pani’

A rather emotional yet interesting moment has been captured like this. Let us wish Lord Shiva listens to the prayers of Naidu and his people and grants their wishes.