The Chandra Babu Naidu’s Interview

Posted : May 17, 2014 at 6:06 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


After confined to principal Opposition party for a decade, Chandra Babu Naidu has made a grand comeback in both Telugu states Seemandhra and Telangana. While he got spectacular victory in Seemandhra, his party is going to play key role in Tealangana. In his first full-length interview, Naidu has spoken to CNN-IBN news channel at length. “Modi and I are a deadly combination. Since both of us have good trackrecord for delivering growth, development, and reached out to people on the same plank, that’s what worked for us. Modi is capable of developing the nation and people did believe him. People gave wise judgement by outthrowing Congress. Especially in both Telangana, Andhra Pradesh Congress has lost miserably despite the fact that it gave Telangana. It’s a big lesson for Congress.”

If he has to choose between CM for Seemandhra and National-level role, what would be Naidu’s option. Quickly reacting to it, Babu said, “Congress has done great injustice to Seemandhra. Having vast experience as administrator and nine-long years as CM for undivided AP, I need to correct those mistakes. There is a huge responsibility on me. I need to build Seemandhra (residuary state of Andhra Pradesh) from scrap. At the same time, it is high time we should ensure development reach to common man in new state of Telangana. It is me who developed Hyderabad which later became good income source for Telangana. Now, people of Telanagana should get its dividends. We continue to work for the Telugu pride.”

When asked about what is his preference city to make capital for the residary state, whether Vijayawada was in his mind, Naidu replied, “I can’t take this decision on my own. I’ll debate this with people of my state, I’ll convince them.”

Veering towards KCR, Babu opined, “He was once my follower. But now we have to work together and ensure Telugu people in both states live with harmony, peace. It is only TDP which is present in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. So, naturally, greater responsibility lies with us.”

Since Modi-led BJP has achieved magic figure of 272 on its own, Is there a role for NDA? Chandra Babu replied, “NDA has large role to play and this is not just confined to one election. I welcome all other parties to be part of this historic government which ensure development. Alliances are not just for power. Power is not mandatory but good governance, development are the need of the hour. Although, we had supported NDA government at Centre last time, we were not part of the government but just supported it from outside. Power is not mandatory for us from the beginning. Nation’s well-being is important.”

Will you be the NDA convenor? Naidu smiled and just shied away to answer it. Even Babu didn’t want to comment on whether YSR Congress would merge with Congress in Seemandhra in near future. That’s the most diplomatic interview from a senior most politician of this country. Despite coming back to power after longtime, Naidu ostensibly didn’t have even 1% of arroagance, pride. He neither criticize nor leveled allegations against his arch rival Jagan who blamed that Babu’s false promises caused his defeat. That’s the big difference between Chandra Babu Naidu and Jagan Reddy!