Why ‘Caste’ An Issue For Surya?

Posted : June 28, 2014 at 10:28 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies


There is a dialogue in ‘Auto Nagar Surya’ that captured the attention of everyone when it is heard in trailers. ‘Naadhi motor caste, manishi baruvuni baadhani mosukelle motor caste’, is how it goes. But this dialogue is finally trimmed out from the movie. Some say it is removed by director, some say Censor Board asked to cut it. Here is a pep talk about what people are saying about this.

In everyday life, we’re seeing the influence of caste umpteen times. Politicians get MLA tickets and winning horses get Minister Seats only because of their castes. Some film directors and heroes get chances solely because of their caste but not due to their content. If you want bank loan, you have to get your caste certificate to claim reservation. For a college seat, government job, party membership and many more, where not we are seeing caste?

But still Censor Board asks to chop the dialogues and references related to ‘caste’ on silver screen. Why? When caste is so integral part of society and they want to curb it, first they should remove the caste column from admission forms but not muting dialogues related to them. When politicians can give promises basing on castes, why couldn’t characters on silver screen yell the same? What do you say folks? Why is caste an issue for movies?