No buyers for Superstar’s film!

Posted : April 10, 2014 at 9:47 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Even brand Rajanikanth is not selling for Vikrama Simha aka Kochadaiyyan. This film is touted to be the first ever motion capture film from Indian Cinema. But animation films don’t have big market in India. Hollywood animated films do well in multiplexes. Other than that there is not much market for those films here.

Kochadaiyyan makers expected Rajanikanth can start this trend and make animated movies popular. They have spent more than Rs. 120 crore rupees on this film with those expectations. Buyers who had no idea about the film until the first trailer came out were in shock to see this animated film.

People who have shown interest earlier have dropped the idea of buying it and those who are still interested are not even offering half the quoted price. Situation is similar in Tamilnadu also. Looks like the makers of Kochadaiyyan has to take the huge risk of releasing the film on their own and expect the gamble to pay off.