British Airways Upsets India’s Sexiest Lady

Posted : June 17, 2014 at 3:23 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


This happened not for the first time, but for the fifth or second time. Whenever India’s sexiest lady Deepika Padukone is travelling through British Airways, the actress revealed that she is on the verge of losing a bag.

Deepika stated that even yesterday she lost a bag in British Airlines flat. She confirmed that when she is upbraid, surely her words are harsh. The other day too one of the nail biting things have happened. Deepika found that one of her costly designer hand-bag is lost after getting down from the flight. Though her first choice used to be popular Emirates Air , Deepika has to sit down with British Airways due non-availability of seats on the other air-career. She revealed that her bag got missing for the fourth time on British Airways plane.

Probably a big company like  British Airway should surely look into the feedback being given by starlets like Deepika Padukone. Let us hope that this popular airline will repair such stuff at least for next time, and makes sure that our sexiest lady will not lose her bag again.