Is SHE the Brahmastra?

Posted : April 5, 2014 at 5:51 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


In mythological wars, Brahmastra was considered a final weapon to demolish any enemy, now in political war zone, Congress is going to use its final trump card read Priyanka Vadra, to checkmate the rise of Mr. Modi. With Rahul Gandhi unassuming personality, his bland promises and is unable to inspire crores of Congress workers across India, now Congress is going to unleash its final weapon.

More than Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka appears to be a better choice- primarily for her matching looks with her grandma Indira Gandhi, stalwart of Congress and her soft-spoken approach and typical style of waving hands like Indira and her reluctance to unleash false promises to voters. Now the home-maker is going to change the fate of 100-years-old party and revive the sagging fortunes in UP, Bihar, MP and  Rajasthan and challenge the supremary of Mr. Modi and his party BJP, who are well entrenched this time around. Being a woman, would definitely divide the voting pattern, since women could rally behind her and soft approach could be a good counter to aggressive Modi and middle-class and lower-caste voters, could trust her more, since she reminds them the golden rule of Indiramma rule and give some edge.

Particularly, in Andhra Pradesh, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is uncrowned queen of Telugu voters and her statues all over the state, symbolizes her omni presence in the minds of poor farmers, weavers and other weaker sections. When her party got a drubbing in national elections post-emergency,  Telugu people didn’t disappoint her and sent her to Parliament from AP. Even Congress CM YSR has also harped and introduced many schemes in her name, since he knows that she was leader-par-excellence and etched in the memory of Andhraites. If she can step into politics as PM candidate, even the voting pattern in Seemandhra as well as Telangana, would change and lot of re-alingment could happen, to boost the prospects of Congress.

Except for Ms. Sonia Gandhi blindly belief that her son Rahul would trounce Mr. Modi (although surveys show Rahul’s depleting brand image), most of the Congress leaders are looking for a change of leadership and Priyank aptly fits the bill, who can woo young voters with her simplicity and heart-touching speeches and could stem the Modi wave to some extent. Even Left and other leaders like Jayalalith, Mamta and Mayawati, could have a re-think about supporting Congress post elections, since they believe that Rahul is incapable to be PM choice.